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Interactivity, Mobile Marketing, Security, Apps Development, Market research, Video production, Contests management, Communication campaigns, Web development

Eurostar Mediagroup is a global content company. Since 1996, we produce content for all type of platforms (traditional media, web, apps) present in the major tv channels and radio stations with contests, voting systems, drama and entertainment formats.

Sigma Dos, part of Eurostar Mediagroup, is the Spanish market and social research leader.

As well we manage cultural events creating specific content: exhibitions, dance, theatre, concerts,…

Our three core values are: dedication to our clients, success (analyzing every data) and innovation (understanding the trends)

Our Services

Marketing mobile
IVR Services and Mobile Markeing
Desarrollo de apps
Apps Development
Producción audiovisual
Audio-visual Production
Producción audiovisual
Gestión cultural
Communication and cultural management
Estudios de Mercado
Market research
  • Mobile marketing

    The world is mobile. These devices have opened a new Communication Channel between audiences and media; between people and brands. Our division of mobile marketing, Alterna Project Marketing, provides interactivity solutions through the mobile, using the whole available technology: from the SMS up to the Social Networks and Mobile Applications. We work with treated and segmented databases, to generate intelligent and secure communications. We count with connectivity with all the operators and lines 900 (free for the user), 901 (shared cost) and 902 (the user pays).

  • Designing apps for a mobile world

    "We design ideas and conceive developments". It is the motto that better defines us. In Zone App we create own applications as well as we turn your own idea into an app.

    We work with native platforms of iOS and Android guaranteeing 100 % all the functionalities. We advise the client in the whole creative process.

    Our team are specialized mobile programmers in mobile, Communication Professionals, journalists and Community Managers.

    Our market’s analysts team studies the advances and evolution of the mobile market in order to help our clients to create their better app.

  • IT Security

    The development of the cloud has increased the need to protect companies and institutions sensitive information.

    Our team are experienced IT security auditors who cover all the IT security needs that generates the digital revolution.

    We work in all areas: technical audit, incidents follow-up and management, online fraud detection and resolution, advice on the Personal Data Protection Law fulfillment, IT report.

    We design personalized IT security services. We protect the security of your information and guarantee the good functioning of the digital environments, being able to work remotely or at home. Your information is important. Protect it!

  • Audio-visual production

    Since 2006, La Cometa TV produces all type of formats: reality shows, entertainment, magazines, documentaries, tv movies…

    Our professional team is able to create, design and film any idea!

    We study audience and create attractive formats for people, taking into account viewers preferences and trends at each moment.

    We include the technological innovation in each of our audio-visual productions: we like to advance and to use all the available tools to count our histories in a nearest and efficient way.

  • Contests

    EuroJuego is the Spanish leading company managing and organizing interactity contests for Media. It has Gambling License to operate and is constituted for the organization of games and contests according to the Spanish law 13/2011 of Gambling Regulation.

    In the last 10 years, it has created the most successful contests in radio and television and every year it distributes more than 1 million Euros in prizes. It has an extensive sales and creative team advising the client on the whole process, designing made-to-measure campaigns for every client with prizes, procedures and special actions that guarantee the success of the contest.

    We are experts combining big audience with viral actions in Social Networks attracting new users through new digital tools, mobile apps and technologies development.

  • Communication and Cultural Management

    We offer a 360º management service in the field of culture.

    We cover the whole chain of value: from the design and the conceptualization of cultural events, sponsorship fundraising or the production of activities.

    We produce all types of genres: scenic and musical arts, exhibitions, editions of books, etc.

    We realize a personalized communication for each project in all the digital platforms (web, social networks and mobile) and traditional media.

    We are specialized in " events of exceptional public interest ", which includes a wide knowledge of the public administrations, organizations, and cultural institutions.

  • Market research

    Sigma Dos is the Spanish leading market research and analysis of opinion company for more than 30 years working for national and international media.

    Our team are all experienced research professionals in consumer trends, politic analysis and reputation and social research.

    We use all the qualitative and quantitative methodologies in all the economic sectors. We realize new researches with our own resources: call center, rooms of qualitative with close tv circuit and the most advanced and secure software.

    We apply the technological innovation that characterizes Eurostar Mediagroup to develop quality procedures at the forefront of the sector.


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