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Telephone Services, Mobile Telephony Services

With more than 15 years on the interactivity market, Alterna Project Marketing, has become the Spanish mobile marketing leader.

We have our own massive communications platform with SMS and IVR. Mobile channel is a new line to make profitable actions from marketing campaigns for media. We offer media campaigns for brands through SMS push service.

The platform of Alterna Project Marketing allows companies sending massive SMS, SMS Premium, Donation SMS, IVR's services with numbering 902 and 905.

We create campaigns of loyalty, of brand diffusion, or to help for catastrophes. We put at our ecommerce clients disposal a payment gateway with an option of payment through SMS or phone call.


We have Call center services for:

900 · you will have one unique free number (national)

902 · you will have one unique number (national) with cost for the user

We have reversion services with numbering: 905, 803, 806, 807

With these numbering the user gets a remuneration for every call or minutes received. It is a voice service supported by the IVR infrastructure for the whole national territory.

Promotions and micro payments services, through telephone calls with different reversions for numbering. We help you to monetize your flow of calls.


- SMS Transactional - you can inform your users about their purchase or service status.

- Alerts and appointments - you can inform your users through periodical news, events.

- Marketing SMS - Viralize your promotions and your brand, you can inform your clients with your last promotions, offers…

- Loyalty - Automates dates and special days, congratulates the birthdays and special dates of your clients.

- Integration - API - you can integrate your platform into our API in order to control your own campaigns

- Delivery reports - After your campaign you will receive a detailed report of the number of persons who have received your SMS, and will know the balance left for your next campaigns.


- Campaign monetization - you can hold a raffle thorugh SMS Premium.

- Purchases with micro payments - It allows your clients to play through mobile micropayments.

- Donation SMS - We help NGOs and foundations with their fundraising campaigns through charitable numbering such as 27XXX or 38XXX

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